i just got back from my cape cod vacation (see the photos here) but the night before heading to the cape i saw the dead at great-tweeter-woods-center…it was much fun…i was lucky to hear most of my favorites including help->slip->frank, scarlet->fire, china->rider (albeit a very short “->”), the wheel, st. stephen, terrapin…i really like the band with jimmy herring and warren haynes on guiter – regardless of what others say, i think it is a great fit…and it is great to see the scene go on…i went with my brother bob, my musiicain friend tom (boy can he drink beer), and my old friend zeke (it seems that the dead is the reason we get together these days)…i also ran into newer friends artie & debbie (i knew they were going to be there and we hooked up via cell phone during the break) and gaming friends aaron & naha (i didn’t know they were going to be there)…i also saw one other person wearing theior sharingthegroove t-shirt (i was wearing mine) but i couldn’t stop to say more than hi & shake hands…plus lots & lots of cute hippy chicks…all in all a great classic dead show 🙂


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