I saw Prince last night in concert….and I was very
pleasantly surprised…First off, I am not a big fan, but I do like some of his
classics and I like the way he has handled the music industry…I went to the
concert because we got really cheap tickets through our Zoo New England
membership (go figure)…He opened with an amazing non-stop driving
funk-groove-rockin-medley first set…after a short instrumental interlude from
the keyboard and saxophone player, Prince came back on stage with just his
acoustic guitar…I have always felt that the best songs are those that can be
stripped down to just the vocals and acoustic guitar…he proved that with nice
renditions of “Raspberry Beret”, “Cream”, “Little Red Corvette” and the Rolling
Stones’ “Satisfaction”…then the band joined him for some more driving grooves
(including a decent cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”) and at one
point Prince was jamming on the bass guitarand
– this really floored me –  he
broke into Stanley Clarke’s signature riff from “Lopsy Lu”! …after that it
didn’t matter for me although the closing with “Purple Rain” was quite
nice…he is a great stage performer, a great songwriter, a fairly good guitar
player, and always has a very good band supporting him…last but not least –
this concert was a must attend for any single heterosexual male — the
female/male ratio had to be close to 4:1!


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