i attended a lockin this past weekend with the youth group at the unitarian universalist church i attend…it was very fun and very tiring…it started at 7pm on saturday and went until 2pm on sunday (i transitioned back to my normal role of being a husband/dad at 10am on sunday 😉 )…there were eight youth and four adult advisors…we played some great games including assasins and sardines…we ate cookie pizza and ice cream at 1 am (my stomach can’t handle that kind of thing the way it used to)…we watched movies like life of brian, hitch hikers guide to the galaxy and  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…and for me the highlight was the worship service at 11pm with a drum circle and meditaion to eli’s selection of music (dylan, tool, radiohead and others)….maybe eli will finally be able to convince me to like radiohead….we’ll see….


2 Responses to lockin

  1. DavidK says:

    OMG. You don’t like Radiohead??

  2. zosa says:

    as i mentioned,i’ve not listened to radiohead a lot…the radio play material (e.g. creep) really does nothing for me, but i’ll giv them a listen since so many people who know me say i should ike them…btw you are the first person ever to comment on my blog…w00t!

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