another great rainy day activity wth the kids is doing papercraft…thanks to boingboing i found paperforest where artist Jaime Zollars provides links to great papercraft projects, many of them free to download and print…beyond just the basic origami, scissors, and glue are required for most of these…we have done a lot of simple ones for kids, some more complicated ones like the schloss neuschwanstein, and even some crazy kinematic ones…many of these remind me of my model-building days of youth…i never did finish the roller coaster project but it was a great lesson in getting cams and followers to work properly

2 Responses to papercraft

  1. zosa says:

    thanks…i tried one of the primate ones from there a while back (…i think my fingers werejust too big for some of the tinier pieces…even thought it ended up not exactly like the picture, it served its purpose as good family fun without CRT’s or LCD’s

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