pearl jam

here is the first in what should be a near weekly series of concert reviews….

I saw pearl jam at the TD Banknorth Garden last night…I am a big fan of pearl jam’s early material – the album 10 would be on my list of top rock albums if I did one (hmmm..future blog fodder?)…after vitology I kind of lost interetst in them but have always been impressed that out of the big early 90’s seattle bands, they were the one that avoided self-implosion…the concert last night was very good…there have been comparisons of late between pearl jam and the grateful dead and i can see some of them…they play lengthy shows with setlists that vary quite a bit from night to night and they have a rabid fan base that knows all the twists and turns of all the material…the crowd was probably the highlight of last night’s show, and eddie vedder acknowledged that a few times…very energetic, very well behaved and as fanatical about the music as the crowd was at the springsteen show I saw at the medowlands a few years back… the set list featured, among other good things, some of my favorites from 10 (jeremy, alive, an excellent extended evenflow jam, why go), a number of songs I don’t know, some from the latest album, an absolutely thrashing rendition of spin the black circle, and the encore opened with a couple nice bob dylan tunes in honor of his 65th birthday…pearl jam is a good solid rock band and while they do not put on the “spectacle” like U2, they certainly know how to put on a very good rock show….and given my hobby of collecting recordings of live concerts (especially ones I have attended), I have to love a band that has a recording available for download the next day!

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