vernon reid

Vernon Reid and Masque rounded up my three straight weeks of concerts last night (1 & 2)…Vernon is best known as a founding member of Living Colour, a great metal band from the late 80’s/early 90’s that brought a lot of different influences into their metal sound, including funk and melodic pop…Vernon’s blistering lead guitar and odd arpeggio timings were one of the signature sounds of that band, and were very present last night. Masque is a pure electric rock fusion ensemble with guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. At times the reminded me of Wired-era Jeff Beck, with a bit more raw edge. They moved adeptly between rock, funk, jazz, and blues…sometimes in the same piece! The one reggae piece caught the down-tempo groove perfectly…and the piece “Prof. Bebey” was a great mix of rock fusion and afro-pop.  Scullers was a great intimate venue…the sort where the band is socializing with the audience before, during, and after the performance…this included a humorous Vernon handing out earplugs to anyone who wanted them before the show!


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