copa de mundial

It is that time in the quadrennial cycle for the world’s best soccer/futbol/fussball/football/calcio nations to bring their best players together for the most-watched world-wide sporting event. I’ve been hooked on international soccer since the tournament was held here in the US in 1994…I went to all but one of the games at Foxoboro including Argentina (Maradonna’s last stand) versus Nigeria (in their debut), Greece’s debut and an Italy versus Spain quarterfinal that was hands down the most exciting sporting event I have ever attended….this year I am watching on a screen however I can…today at lunch I went to a local bar for the last 15 minutes of the first half of the Germany versus Costa Rica opener, then I watched most of the second half via streaming video from some internet broadcaster in China…it sort of works…I am looking forward to the US team this year…they seem to get better every tournament…well as the chant goes…O-lay, olay, olay, olay, …O-Laaay, O-ho-Lay!

4 Responses to copa de mundial

  1. DavidK says:

    "most-watched world-wide sporting event"Wait, what does this have to do with poker? 😉

  2. Oh darn, I should’ve asked if you wanted into our little World Cup pool – oh well…

  3. zosa says:

    DavidK posted:""LOL! I needed that after the terrible match I just watched..the US 0, Czech Republlic 3 😦

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