a maze ing

I’m an avid subscriber to Games Magazine and I just discovered that the maze on the cover of the August 06 issue was deisgned by Robert Abbott, the author of one of my favorite puzzle books Mad Mazes…I don’t remember how I got this book, it was before my obsession with games and puzzles of the last decade, but it has been a source of great entertainment for me (and now my kids) for quite some time…it is full of beautifully illustrated Logic Mazes, as Mr. Abbott names them, only a few of which I have solved but all fun nonetheless…as it turns out after some interwebbing I found that he has done a lot of puzzle and game design…I am going to have to try a Bureaucratic Maze with the Youth Group this fall!

One Response to a maze ing

  1. frybrain says:

    dude,where do you find the time?f

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