the mars volta 2004-01-22

Another of my obsessions is collecting recordings of live music…I started with cassette tapes and bootleg records back in the 1970’s…these days it is incredibly easy to gather more recordings than one could ever listen too…but of course I try to listen to them all…today’s is:

The Mars Volta, 2004-01-22
Metro Theater, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Unknown Mics>MD-MT99>MD>Audition 1.5>FLAC

Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)
Drunkship Of Lanterns
Cicatriz ESP
Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt

While the performance is great at this show, the recording is not. The bass is non-existent in this audience recording giving it that overall tinny sound. I wouldn’t recommend this recording to someone who can not tolerate the “bootleg sound” but the music is great and the band was really on this night. This show appears to be one of the few full-length shows they did in Australia that tour, the others being festival performances (I could be wrong about this). I really love how this band combines progressive rock arrangements and lyrical styling with extended jams that hearken back to mid ‘70s Led Zeppelin. A great example is the 35-minute Cicatriz ESP. From all out power chord/screaming lead line-vocal line tradeoffs to subtle space/ambience, this one has it all.

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