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If Carl Palmer in my hometown wasn’t enough, last night I saw Keith Emerson as well, in the same venue. Many thanks to David K for offering me the 4th row center ticket! …Keith’s band and presentation of the works of ELP are very different from Carl’s. Keith has a very solid rhythm section of Phil Williams on Bass and Pete Riley on Drums…they were very good, not over-the-top flashy like Carl and his Bass player were (not that there was anything wrong with that 😉 ). Keith’s band was fronted by Keith, of course, but he also shares the spotlight with a guitar-player singer Marc Bonilla. Marc did Greg Lake’s vocals very well and played a guitar that was very much like a slightly rough—edged Steve Morse. Keith’s performance was great, of course… I really appreciate a performer who brings a lot of equipment on the road with them in order to get the authentic sounds of their material…in Keith’s case it included a classic original Moog Synthesizer and a Baby Grand piano…and the band overall was very tight. They move between classical, jazz, country-pickin’ and rock with ease. Highlights for me were the very laid-back “From the Beginning”, a nice, slightly re-arranged “Lucky Man” and the encore-opener “Fanfare for a Common Man”…I also liked the extended prog-pieces that I embarrassingly admit I don’t remember the name of.  Keith’s story about forgetting the Moog solo for “Lucky Man” and having to get the transcription from Keyboard Player magazine was classic! Again, another gem at the Regent!

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  1. DavidK says:

    The main "extended prog-piece" was Tarkus; all of it. Though the Moog Modular crapped out right when the "battle sequence" of "Iconoclast" should have happened. But it got fixed for later use in the song. That was the first time I have heard the whole thing live; ELP did a lot of it in ’97, but segued into Great Gates of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition) instead of doing the final section, Aquatarkus (though last night’s Aquatarkus wasn’t all that great; though the jamming during Stones of Years was great and unexpected. If you have heard the version of Tarkus on Welcome Back My Friends…, you need to. It’s amazing). The other biggie pieces they did were the second half of Karn Evil 9 Part 1, the end of Emerson’s Piano Concerto No. 1. They also did America, but with no Emerson-organ-raping (thank goodness :-). BTW, I did not get to hang out with him afterwards. Meli and her boyfriend needed to leave, and since I had just met the keyboard tech, I didn’t want to feel awkward about it.

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