nine lives

Since starting our Netflix subscription we have been alternating choices of movies between the two of us. Last night we watched one of her selections, Nine Lives (my last one was The Big Lebowski which, while funny, was not nearly as good as I had heard). I have to admit I did not plan on watching Nine Lives… and in fact did not watch the whole thing. I did some work on my laptop with film on in the background. This film lent itself very well to occasional attention because it was nine separate 12-minute, in some cases slightly interconnected, stories about different women. These stories were done each as a single camera, single continuous shoot (a la Hitchcock’s Rope), which added to the power of the story-telling in that you felt like you really got into the lives of the characters, albeit briefly. Overall the stories were inconsistent in their quality and most did not grab me (hence the continuing of my computer work while watching). The ones that I watched that I thought were very good were the one with Robin Wright-Penn and the very last one with Glenn Close and Dakota Fanning.

***slight spoilerage start****

This latter one was a great example of a story that could only be told effectively with film. The final moment when the camera pans around and you see what was really happening is awesome….we were both in tears.

***slight spoilerage end ****

I recommend this film if you like indie films with very serious yet sensitive depictions of real-life issues. With the right people, television could do a half-hour series like this and make it very entertaining.

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