Further proof that this blog is correct…

I had lunch at the Cambridge Brewing Company with some friends from my ADL days today (I had the spinach salad). It is always good to see George, Peter, and especially Allison. We chatted about the weather, Lego Mindstorms, atomic force microscopes, other old friends, upcoming vacations, artificial sweeteners, cryptic crosswords (guess who brough that up), cockney dialects, an intersting old science experiment I read about, preservation of old documents, Google (GooglePages in particular)…basic geek discussions over lunch….and now we are back to doing it monthly!

2 Responses to lunch

  1. Tyler Sid says:

    Well somehow I wound up on your blog. I was looking for something else and arrived here. I’ve noticed, and this is true of a couple of blogs that I write, people are for the most part in this age very apathetic and they don’t bother beam in. More often than not, I do try to make an effort…what f’ I say, it can’t be that hard to beam in some energy to that person. So that’s it…peace out/bd

  2. zosa says:

    Wow…someone don’t know ended up on my blog & commented on it…I must be somebody now! ;-)Thanks Tyler Syd….I’ll check out yours and return the favor.

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