spoiler zeitgeist

I watched Fassbinder’s Die Ehe der Maria Braun (The Marriage of Maria Braun) last night and a very interesting thing happened. With approximately 30 minutes left in the film, a very minor piece of action occurs that is on the surface insignificant but as soon as I saw it I realized not only was this foreshadowing but that somewhere in the recesses of my memories I had heard or read the details of the ending of this film already. Thirty minutes later, the film ends – in just the way I knew it would. I liked the film a lot (the imagery is relevant in many ways to today), but this kind of ruined it for me. This relates directly to a conversation I was having with my nephew Eric last week regarding classic films and stories and how today it is almost impossible to not become aware of their defining moments. Rosebud, “it’s people!“, “I see dead people“, and the Statue of Liberty on the beach all come to mind (warning – some spoiler links!!). Somehow I became exposed to the ending of Maria Braun without even remembering it. I guess this is just part of the zeitgeist of Generation X and beyond.

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