We’ve been gorging on episodes of MythBusters lately. I simply love this show. It is a great combination of DIY, geek tech, forensics, educational television, performance art, science, and engineering. The hosts of the show have just the right acting skills, look and credentials to keep the episodes entertaining. I really like when a myth is presented that I am sure will be busted and it turns out to be very probable – the Ancient Chinese Attacking Army Sensor and Shredded Plane are recent good examples that we watched. Of course the fact that the blow up lots of stuff greatly adds to the overall appeal! During the Mentos & Diet Coke episode (a great chemical constituent analysis example btw) they tried to come up with other examples of explosive fun with household items. The Home-Made Smoke Bombs brought back some fond memories from my childhood – crazy chemistry experiments fueled by my brother Bill’s copy of Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book.

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