do u su do ku?

200px-Nonominosudoku.pngAs an avid puzzler I have been one of the many caught up in the Sudoku craze. I can’t say that I have mastered them as I still get stuck on some of the more difficult ones. I do enjoy the pure logical deduction needed to complete the puzzle.  I also enjoy finding new and different challenges that fall into the Sudoku realm. To that end I am excited to find the many variations of Sudoku that have been appearing. Of course I find some via my subscription to Games Magazine but some of the first interesting variants I’ve seen were published in the Boston Phoenix as “Psycho Sudoku”. More recently I came across this page that has a number of cool variants and links to more similar interesting puzzles. In addition it seems that the World Puzzling Federation (Championship going on right now!) sponsored a World Sudoku Championship last March in Italy. Here is the instruction booklet (PDF) showing the types of puzzles contestants had to solve there. It’ll be a greeat day when this event gets covered by ESPN!

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