ferry beach


I went with the family to a retreat at Ferry Beach in Maine last weekend. Some photos are here. It is a stretch of beachfront property that is owned and operated by the UU’s . The facilities are over 100 years old and the whole experience is quite like going to camp. We slept on bunk beds (Billy and I got top bunks) and ate (amazing) food together in a cafeteria with a few hundred of our fellow parishioners from First Parish in Arlington. One of the best things about the UU’s is the lack of organization at events like this. Everything was very laid back and not over-planned. The boys spent most of the time doing scavenger hunts, playing with Hot Wheels cars, playing with Lego, and having general outdoor fun and mayhem. Stephanie and I spent a lot of time chatting with other adults (something we parents don’t get to do enough) and doing our respective hobbies – knitting for Stephanie, games and puzzles for me. I now have a number of people hooked on lighter German-style games including No Merci, Loco (Flinke Pinke), Zero, Coloretto and the hit this year was a favorite of mine, High Society. One highlight for me was, as it was last year, the sunrise walk on the beach with the boys. Another was briefly jamming to Led Zeppelin’s “Bring it on Home” with a couple of the teenagers. We are of course looking forward to going again next year. Maybe a summer trip there (or to Star Island) is a possibility for next year.

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