gardner sent me to a nice interveiew with Martin Gardner.  Gardner is a very prolific writer in many different genres including physics, philosphy and even card tricks….but most notably he is know for his writings in the area of "recreational mathematics". I have fond memories of  my first exposure, the book  Mathematical Carnival that my brother Bob gave me for my birthday back when I was in my teens. Garnder’s monthly Mathematical Games column in Scientific American was one of the main reasons I subscribed for many years. It looks like the Mathematical Association of America has all of these columns as well as many of his books available on a CDROM. I’ll have to admit that my capabilities in math limit my ability to solve many of his puzzles but I always have an appreciation for the beauty and the subtlety of his presentaion of many times otherwise complicated math concepts.

One Response to gardner

  1. DavidK says:

    I love those books too. In fact, my final project in college in a Machine Learning class was based on the tic-tac-toe learning matchboxes from one of the books. It was really cool seeing a computer program not knowing any strategy learn to play perfect tic-tac-toe! I also remember um, MISPLACING one of his books I had borrowed from the high-school library. 😉

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