theosophical bloggery

I started blogging and following friends blogs a few years ago as a way to inform my friends and family, who are spread all over the world, about my goings-on and about my many varied inteterests. Around the same time I started regularly attending the Unitarian Universalist church in my town. This was mainly as a way to help educate my children about the varieties of religious experiences and philosophies that are and have been practiced around the world.  My own philosophical/theosophical/spiritual education/journey started with my Catholic upbringing, continued with my exposure to eastern thought in in my teens through the growing melding of physics and philosophy at that time (The Tao of Physics for instance), took a side trip as I tried to come to terms with a number of my friends’ conversion to fundamentalist Christianity, and continued through college as I voraciously absorbed Godel, Escher, Bach. Then when I entered the "real world", likely triggered by the near simultaneous occurrence of my entry into the work force and the unfortunate death of my father, I stopped.

Now it seems that  twenty years later, due to a critical mass of stimulus in my life, I have added the word spiritual into my vocabulary again and have begun to continue that education/journey. Some of this has to do with an increased involvement in the UU church and some just seems to be a groundswell in the blogosphere I follow. dougo has been discussing Atheism and dave has been discussing a number of metaphysical concepts…and both of these seem to have been inspired by other blog postings. I’ll continue to blog about live music, goofy card games and fun television shows but the addition of theosophical discussions seems to be a welcome direction. 

2 Responses to theosophical bloggery

  1. Dave says:

    Man, The Tao of Physics and GEB were two of the books that got me interested in philosophy/thinking in general. I’ve been shocked at the sudden explosion of people blogging about religion/atheism, but it’s been really simulating and interesting.

  2. Bruce Ward says:

    Searching is good, and a life-long experience. Check out an author named Donald Miller, specifically "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching For God Knows What" cool reads.

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