whale blogger

Some of you probably know about this already since I found this blog from your links…Defective Yeti is doing an online chapter-by-chapter reading/review of Moby Dick throughout Novemeber. It started as an interesting if somewhat irreverant review but it has evolved into a kind of blog-based reading group as a number of regular blog readers have joined in, reading along. The comments on each posting are quite good and the whole thing makes for a fun set of annotations for any future reader.  I particularly like the format of the data represented: Chapters read, Pages read, Status report, Favorite passage, and Words looked up. I wish I wasn’t in the middle of my second attempt at plowing through A Song of Ice and Fire…I would have loved to join in.


2 Responses to whale blogger

  1. Jonathan says:

    We should have done Song together! I have the 4th book but I’m waiting for the 5th one before starting it, as I hear they were one book but it got too big. I reread them a couple of years ago, but haven’t tackled them again.

  2. zosa says:

    well I’ll be starting on "A Storm of Swords" in a few weeks… 🙂

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