…and more games

pic65675_t.jpgOver the last week there has been a lot of game-playing going on in my family… Thanksgiving brought no fewer than three Scrabble games with my boys and their aunt and uncle from Philadelphia… I finally taught Stephanie and Alexander how to play Settlers of Catan – he liked it so much I had to play the 2-player Starship Catan with him – twice, pretty amazing rules and mechanics comprehension for a 7-year-old… we went to a dinner party with two other two-parent, two-kid (young and old) families and we played a lot of kid games like Jenga, Cadoo, Chutes and Ladders, Teddy Tim, and Geistertreppe (which is great chaotic fun with six mixed-age players).. and finally I went to David’s after another too-long absence and played the new, somewhat highly touted Leonardo DaVinci – boardgamegeek calls it a “hand management” game but I found it to be much more of a brain-busting auction game where it seemed far to difficult to predict what resources to spend where (edit: Gamepack seems to agree with me) – I’m not sure if I’ll play that one again….and then more family Scrabble last night…


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