five strings

Last Saturday night the youth group I help advise ran a very successful coffee house. They raised over one thousand dollars to put towards their service trip to help rebuild New Orleans in February. Besides the money (and the fact that I got to be a roadie and assistant sound man for the night!), to me the most successful part was the great musical and organizational talent. This event was run by these youth and it went of with out any significant problems. There were over a dozen acts and with the exception of Arlington Feed and Grain, Evan Greer, and the UUlations, all were high school or middle school age youth. The talent was amazing….a symbol of this for me was the five string basses… I recall that when I was in a band in high school, a five string electric bass was unheard of unless you were an uber-talented jazz-fusion player…well no fewer than three of the performers that played had bass players that played, and I mean really played (two handed tapping, slapping, soloing…), five string basses…in addition the solo and duo acts were all top notch… Annie and Dora, Eva Cirker-Stark, The Deloreans, Gia Greene, Rage and Satisfaction, The River Gods, The Nudists, Kubakub, Drew Pereli, and Spare Change…great music – great fun!


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