So I was in the middle of writing a blog entry about progressive rock just before lunchtime  when the fire alarm in our building went off. The alarm system is such that a first alarm will sound followed by a voice announcement saying that if the second alarm sounds on your floor then evacuate immediately. This is so they can do controlled drills and evacuations. Well the second alarm sounded immediately after the announcement. Our offices are on the fifth floor of 15 floors total. My office was near an outside emergency stairwell and I got out quite quickly (after grabbing my coat and hat as it was 20 and windy).  As it turned out there was an explosion in the electrical room in the basement that killed one Nstar worker and wounded another. A large number of people were treated for smoke inhalation as a number of the exit stairwells quickly filled with hot smoke rising on this very cold day. After gathering with all of my coworkers, we insured that everyone from our company got out ok. I walked to Central to get on the train to go home because power was turned off all over Kendal Square (including the T), probably as a safety precaution. People were not allowed back into the building until 7 this evening – even then it was only to retrieve a few personal items. The whole experience was somewhat dramatic. I was initially very happy to be out of work early and not have my laptop for the weekend but in light of the man who lost his life on the job due to this accident I am feeling quite guilty and saddened. My thoughts go out to this person and anyone whose lives he touched. It will take some time for me to be able to get back to those better thoughts of progressive music…


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