03_kingdom.jpgan article in the most recent Games Magazine has convinced me that we need to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach very soon….while I know most of my age-group/gender peers would be going there with golf clubs checked in their baggage, I would only need a wand…Magiquest is a cross between a theme arcade, Rennaisance faire, and interactive video game…while it is probably very cheesy it sure looks cool…I like the concept that you can purchase your wand and it stores all of your user data so the next time you return you maintain your character’s statistics…or if they ever build additional facilities it would work there as well…yes, you could do that with a database and user ID but there is something cool about the tactile feel of an object that has some "power" …and for the Prog Rock fans who read this there is a crossover as well, Candice Night, of Blackmore’s Night, is one of the actors playing the role of "Princess Candice" in the game….I am going to keep an eye on Creative Kingdoms, the company that runs MagicQuest, as they seem to have some very good out-of-the-box thinking and, according to Games Magazine, some IP in the RFID space, where I have my current proffesional interest.


3 Responses to magiquest

  1. DavidK says:

    I heard some cuts of the first Blackmore’s Night CD and it did nothing for me…

  2. zosa says:

    I agree. I d/l’ed a couple of shows and while it seemed like nice Rennaisance music, it was nothing new or special….a bit of a letdown given how much I admired Ritchie back in the day.

  3. Rick says:

    I disagree completely with the Blackmore’s Night comments. I think their newest CD is great. Yeah, its kinda the same, but that’s what I want – new but the same. Ritchie and Candice are a great combo. Their music is as authentic as you can get these days.

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