onion cellar

poster400.jpgI saw the ART & The Dresden Dolls in their production of Amanda Palmer’s concept piece The Onion Cellar last night. The early reports prior to the opening of this show made it sound like this show would never come together. I am so glad they were wrong. It was the perfect combination of avant-garde theater and rock music. The theater was configured as a large cabaret/bar where the stage looked more like what one might find in the Ba-Da-Bing. The audience sat at small tables and the performers delivered their vignettes at every location around the room including from in the audience. The music was, as far as I could tell, almost all, if not all, pre-existing Dresden Dolls material. I can’t help thinking how much Amanda Palmer reminds me of Rick Berlin, a Boston local musician who has been doing the “punk cabaret “ piano player routine for a very long time. The music was great – that combination of Amanda palmer’s breathy, almost teary singing and frenetic piano with Brian Viglinone’s masterful emotional drumming is wonderful. In addition the performance included of a mixture of ART’s best and under-studys. The concept of the Onion Cellar itself is from a chapter of Gunter Grass’s novel ‘‘The Tin Drum’’ where in a nightclub in postwar Dusseldorf patrons cut onions, forcing themselves to cry and share their sorrows. This theme was present in the subject of tears and sharing sorrows in all of the intertwining story-pieces the actors performed. All-in it was a great evening of theatrical entertainment. If you are fan of the Dresden Dolls, this is a must see performance.


One Response to onion cellar

  1. Jonathan says:

    Ahh, you lucky dog! I’ve been following the trials and tribulations on her blog and have been dying to go see it. Sounds great!

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