rodrigo y gabriela

homepic_shepards.jpgthanks to Stephanie for this one….Joanne Doody of WBOS has been playing Rodrigo and Gabriela‘s Tamacun in very high rotation lately. At first listen this sounds just like standard flamenco guitaring a la the Gipsy Kings but once you read their story you realize these two musicians are very cool indeed… they started in various metal bands in Mexico City before emigrating to Dublin Ireland…the standard poor musician lifestyle followed with stints in Copenhagen and Barcelona, all the while they were slowly migrating towards the acoustic guitar duo format they record with now. The tracks available on their myspace site are great, especially the cover of Metallica’s Orion and if you do nothing else, you must listen to what has to be the best non-Led Zeppelin version of Stairway to Heaven I have ever heard. They are playing in Boston on May March 13th and this may have to make my concert list.


One Response to rodrigo y gabriela

  1. DavidK says:

    Yeah, been thinking about going to that myself. BTW, have you ever heard the band Carmen? Flamenco prog!

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