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pic125710_sized.jpgI attended Unity Games XII yesterday. This quasi-biannual event is a gathering of many Boston area gamers providing fifteen hours of pure gaming fun. I was only there from 1:30 to 8:30 but managed to get in five good games including my first ever play of the latest hot Euro game, Caylus. I saw and played games with number of regular gaming friends (David K, Aaron, and Karl) as well as a number of new people. I started with a clever little puzzle/tile-laying game Factory Fun, followed by another even lighter game, To Court the King, that can only be described as “Gamers Yahtzee”. For each Yahtzee-like score you make, you get a card that gives you additional abilities such as adding a number to a die, additional die or being able to “move pips” from one die to another. The ultimate goal is to get the king by getting seven of a kind. Good random fun. The next game was the highlight for me. Caylus is a classic Euro game with multiple resources to manage and many painful decisions to make trying to obtain and spend them. While it took a good three hours to play, I think with a group that knows the rules to begin with (we didn’t and made a few mistakes that affected the outcome) it could be a 2 hour game. I definitely want to play this one again soon. The gaming finished up with a couple lighter games – Diamant, which is a light bluffing game (another where we had a rule wrong…D’oh!) and finally Alhambra which was a Spiel des Jahres-winning tile laying game that is a bit too random with five players (although it was the one game I won all day!). All in all the gaming was plentiful and fun. Time to plan for Unity XIII!


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  1. DavidK says:

    re: Diamant. When a game has basically two rules, yet the teacher manages to get one of them wrong, that’s really something. 🙂

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