some random stuff before I go on vacation…

Rush announced the release date for their new album

Christopher Eccelston is going to be in the cinematic version of The Dark is Rising

Sprouts is a cool little cross between a game and an educational exercise in topology

The Nurse With Wound List is a daunting compendium of fringe music (more bloggery on this another day) 

The Bonnaroo lineup looks amazing this year…one of these years… 

Caylus: Magna Carta is  due out shorthly and may supplant Caylus as my latest go-to game

Umberto Eco has once again reminded me that I should learn to speak Italian and travel to Italy

One Response to random

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    Thanks for the Eco pointer, it looks interesting. I loved Foucault’s Pendulum, but I couldn’t get through Island of the Day Before. I should try it again sometime.

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