gamesmanship jeopardy

Did Scott Weiss hack Jeopardy? It seems one of the hottest youtube videos these days is the finale of a landmark Jeopardy episode where the game ended in a 3-way tie. This can happen many ways but in this case one player chose to make it happen and this makes it interesting gamesmanship. A number of theories abound but given that Scott is an accomplished puzzler I don’t think the “benevolent winner” answer is the whole story. I like the possibility that he “hacked" the game in order to be able to play the same two opponents on the next game. Better the enemy you know than the one(s) you don’t know. Either way it highlights the interesting phenomena of cooperation in gameplay. Next we need three players to decide to cooperate and keep winning ties ad infinitum…

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One Response to gamesmanship jeopardy

  1. Eric says:

    I think a desire for fame also played a role here. Lots of people go on Jeopardy. Lots of people win at Jeopardy. That in itself is not a big deal. However, when Ken Jennings won like seventy games in a row, the nation took notice. Likewise, I think this guy realized he had an opporunity to get his name in the news and grabbed it. <geek> Londo would be proud </geek>.

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