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Instormynightsghostalbum.jpgI listened to, purchased, and “borrowed” from the interwebs, a number of new releases over the first quarter of this year. Here are few sentences on each…

Marnie Stern – In Advance of the Broken Arm This is an interestingly refreshing new progressive sound from a very talented guitar player, singer and songwriter. The frenetic two handed-tapping is taken to an extreme to make a style of music unlike most others. Thanks to Ohmpark for the pointer.

LCD SoundsystemSound of Silver This is the first of two releases in this list where the artists have clearly been listening to the Talking Heads seminal Afro-beat inspired Remain In Light. The track “Us vs Them” could easily have come from the Heads in those days.

Ghost In Stormy Nights This one is likely to be on my Top CDs of the Year list at the end of the year. Great progressive rock including a mostly-listenable track two “Hemicyclic Anthelio” that is a 28-minute mix of various improvised noise/music bits. This CD runs the gambit from Drone to Industrial to Psychedelic-Folk. Thanks to Dave’s friend  villedesanges for the recommendation.

Pain of SalvationScarsick This is the big disappointment for me on this list. After the 2004 release BE, I was hoping for another extended prog-metal epic. Scarsick is more song-oriented and I think the songs are some of Daniel Gildenlöw’s weakest to date.

!!! Myth Takes This is the second of the Talking Heads-inspired releases. This one has all of the elements for a good dance-pop release including the almost Juju, signature guitar-harmonic percussive “chk-a chk-a chk-a” throughout.

Arcade FireNeon Bible While I like the trend today for artists to try to play “out of the box” with their instrumentation, song structure, lyrical elements, and vocals, I think The Arcade Fire is just a tad too predictable in their overall music. They just don’t have the edge that Colin Meloy seems to get with his music (that I love so much).

Blackfield Blackfield II This second release from Steve Wilson and Aviv Geffen is nice, but nothing ground-breaking. Very listenable, light rock music.

Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss Everyone This band falls into the “how did I miss them before” category. This release is great guitar-heavy instrumental post-rock (a label I just discoverd existed). Another one that is likely to be on my Top CDs of the Year list.


3 Responses to q107 music

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    I have a bunch of Ghost discs if you want to borrow them. I think my favorite is Lamarabirabi, but I haven’t really listened to them all enough to distinguish them.

  2. zosa says:

    Thanks, that would be cool Doug. I’m planning on being at David’s tonight πŸ™‚

  3. Sugarkane says:

    thanks for the heads up on Ghost. been really getting into that album.

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