swe.jpgIn the tradition of this great Atlanta Music Scene and all around cool music blog, here is my Torrent of the Week:

Marillion 2007-05-16 Utrecht, Netherlands – Vredenburg Muziekcentrum


recording notes:

audience recording
sony mz-r30 md with sony ecm 717 microphone.
used very little equalizer and crossfaded the applause between the encores

Splintering Heart
The Other Half
You’re Gone
No Such Thing
Afraid of Sunlight
A Voice From The Past
Fantastic Place
Somewhere Else
Ocean Cloud
Separated Out
Between You and Me
The Space
Hocus Pocus

z o s a comments:

The setlist on the torrent page is in the wrong order but the tracks are numbered correctly according to the setlist from

This is a great show – They play the best of the new album, Somewhere Else, which I have to say is a bit of a letdown after the previous studio masterpiece, Marbles. I do like how they have been mixing up the setlists a little bit this tour – amazingly this show includes most of my top tracks from the H-era Marillion…and this show of course appeals to me because of the inclusion of a full playing of Ocean Cloud, one of my all time favorite progressive rock songs. Add to that the fun encore of a cover of Focus’ seminal masterpiece Hocus Pocus (yes, H can yodel) makes this an all around great show.


One Response to TotW

  1. DavidK says:

    Wow, great set list! I’ll need to take a listen.

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