TotW 2

PLfullcover.jpg Symphony X 2007-05-25 BB Kings (16-bit) (FLAC) CH REMASTER

REMASTER! NOT A RESEED – original post of the show is up on DaD at:…s.php?id=148225.

Symphony X
BB Kings, NYC


Taper: Lil’ ol Me
source lineage: SP-CMC-8’s > modded batt box > Edirol R-09 > Cool Edit 2000 > CD WAV EDIT > CD > FLAC
remaster lineage: CD-R’s received from CH > EAC > WAV > FLAC (via FLAC FRONTEND)


01 Sins & Shadows 5:30
02 Domination 6:34 **
03 Inferno 5:13
04 Evolution 6:15
05 Communion & The Oracle 7:34
06 Smoke & Mirrors 6:54
07 Set The World On Fire 6:14 **
08 Serpent’s Kiss 5:59 **
09 King Of Terrors 5:38
10 Sea Of Lies 5:05
Total Time: 60:56

Disc 2
01 The Odyssey 25:36

Total Time 25.36

** tracks from the new album being released next month!

Eliminated the wait for the encore, did fades, and ALOT of noise reduction (manual) on clapping… not ALL of the clapping, as I got sick of screwing with it after two hours. Oh yea… ramped up the volume too.

"1. Dynamic filters were used to reduce the volume of excess yells and whistles.
2. Loud claps were manually removed.
3. Tonality adjustment boosting lower bass components and cutting power in the midrange.
4. Normalize show volume after adjusting extraneous peaks
5. Balance channels.

Since your recording was so good, I didn’t have to do much and I do think it sounds excellent now. If you are going to put it on the TradersDen, that is fine but please just list "Remastering by CH".

I don’t put my name on any ****s and only have "CH" listed on the ******** ****** recordings I remaster.

Some people are into remastering to get their name on everything, but I am not one of them."


2 Responses to TotW 2

  1. DavidK says:

    They are actually playing at Worcester on August 10th, the night before my guitar workshop…Have you heard the new Kamelot BTW? It’s incredible.

  2. zosa says:

    The Symphony X show is on my calendar (as is the new album this month) but I may have spent all of my "points" for concerts this year already ;-)I have not heard the new Kamelot yet but I did see they are touring but not stopping in New England 😦

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