626341416_19e45c110f_m.jpgLots of music to post about these days…first off I went to the NEARFest progressive rock festival with DavidK last weekend. I was really impressed by how well the event was run including the quality and variety of the acts. The setting was very nice in that since there is nothing else in Bethlehem PA I didn’t feel like I should have been touring around doing other things while I was there. Here are my short sentence reviews of the bands that played:

IZZ: Really good all around progressive rock a bit reminiscent of Trevor Rabin era Yes.
NeBeLNest: Nice heavy instrumental progressive with a touch of jazz.
Bob Drake: Goofy in the vein of the “funny” Phish tunes.
Magenta: More nice all around progressive rock (female-led this time)… unfortunately lacking really good hooks.
Hawkwind: Space Rock pioneers were lost in the bad mix and faltering sound system.626346844_5e0e65296b_m.jpg

Indukti: Excellent instrumental Tool-like music with a violin.
La Maschera di Cera: Classic keyboard-driven over-the-top Italian progressive rock
Robert Rich: Wonderful escape into ambient space
Pure Reason Revolution: Surprisingly heavy renditions of their catchy prog tunes
Magma: Truly unbelievable and uncharacterizable

2 Responses to NEARFest

  1. DavidK says:

    Wait, you post a picture of Ewa Jablonska, but no Christina Booth, Chloe Alper or Laura Meade?

  2. zosa says:

    I didn’t want to be too obvious…

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