pic215291_md.jpgThey say make lemonade from those lemons life deals you…I left work early last Tuesday so I could get home in time to have dinner with the family before going to DavidF’s for games. There was a crowd of about a thousand people standing around outside of the Kendal Square T station waiting for the buses that were running instead of the trains that were inexplicably not running. Rather than stand in that crowd I decided to walk to Central to see if the train was operational there. On the way a very friendly French woman offered a ride to me and another displaced commuter. She managed to weave her way past the traffic on Mass Ave, zipped up along Green Street, and dropped me off just outside of Harvard Square…right in front of Games People Play. So I went into the store, bought Caylus Magna Carta, and enjoyed that “lemonade” that night at games.

After one play, Caylus Magna Carta is a great game. It takes the best elements of its parent and boils them down to a much shorter, much more manageable classic Euro resource balancing game. The fact that the availability of the different resources will be very different from game to game should insure significant replay value.

I also had the opportunity to play Zooloretto, the 2007 Spiel des Jahres winner…it was a fun variant on the Coloretto theme that I think will make a very good family game.

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