10,394 days

rush_stub.jpgMore music…Before last Wednesday, my previous Rush concert was back in 1979. That show was in the old Boston Music Hall. The Hemispheres album had been out for a while and we were looking forward to them playing the Cygnus-X1>Hemispheres suite. When we arrived we found the band’s soundboard was installed in our row TT seats. They relocated us a forward to row Y, twenty-five rows from the stage, leading to one of the most ear-splitting shows I ever attended. Rush did not disappoint that night…and 28 years later they still did not disappoint. Back then they played the aforementioned suite as well as the shortened 2112 suite and the classic instrumental La Villa Strangiato. This year they played mostly new material from Snake & Arrows and the “hits” from their early1980’s releases…only two tracks from the 70’s and very few from the late 80’s and 90’s. The only song they played at both shows I attended was A Passage to Bangkok from 2112. They seemed to have moved on from the repeated playing of the Working Man medley and 2112. They are still an immensely talented band and simply because of Geddy Lee’s unusual vocal style, have never gotten their fair shake from the critics. Rush will always be one of my favorite progressive rock bands. If you are a BitTorrent user you can get two different audience recordings of this show here or here.


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