FVH742AF0R12VQR.MEDIUM.jpgAlexander and I did a great MAKE project this weekend. We made one of these BlinkyBugs. It is a wonderfully simple project that can be made with about $5 worth of stuff. The battery was the most expensive component. RadioShack had most of the supplies, with the exception of the copper tubing which we bought at a local hardware store (of course I had some spare guitar strings on hand!).  It took less than a half hour to do the whole thing. It demonstrates some very simple electronics,  shows how you can make someting that has dual-purpose elements (structural and active electronic)  and makes a fun interecative toy too! This could easily be a good classroom or camp/scout project. my%20blinky.jpgblinky%20supplies.jpg


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  1. Billy says:

    Hey,Thanks for mentioning one of our projects, we’re glad you liked instructables. If you thought the blinky bugs were interesting you should check out some of our other projects. Right now we have a few contests going on. If you check their pages here and here you can find all the great projects that have been submitted.

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