Reality can be refreshing sometimes. Today I met Bradley Whitford of (West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip fame…neither of which have I watched) at the Unitarian Church I attend. I am a friendly with his brother, David, who is a  writer, Arlington resident, and a member of First Parish UU of Arlington where I go with my family. David’s wife and I taught the Coming of Age class together two years ago and I am a youth advisor for both of their teenage daughters. Bradley was in town for a big family gathering they have every year…. So there I was chatting with him when he introduced me to his three children. He then noticed that his 8 year-old had cake all over his face. “Go get a napkin and wipe of your face” he said sternly, echoing the same thing I said moments earlier to my almost 8-year-old. I guess it doesn’t matter what we do for a living, we always have to keep our kid’s faces clean.

One Response to bradley

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    It figures that you’d meet someone and not be a fan of his shows– I’ve seen every episode of both of those shows, and also the short-lived sitcom "The Secret Lives of Men", so I’d probably be too fan-shy to talk to him. Was his wife there too? (Jane Kaczmarek, the mom from "Malcolm in the Middle")

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