DSCN2816.JPGWe had to put our cat Tasha to sleep today. In the fall of 1990 Stephanie and I had been married and living in our house for a year and we felt it was time to add another presence. Since we are both cat people and as it turned out we were a good six years away from wanting children, we decided that a kitten would be the best choice. We went to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem and picked up beautiful, almost perfect Tortise-shell kitten. Having been grieving over the demise of one of our favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation characters the previous season, we decided that Tasha was a good name (better than Worf anyway). Tasha was best described by my friend Bruce as a “roving knick-knack”. She never got in your way, she was always just part of the things in the room. I can’t help imagining that just like her namesake, there is some parallel universe somewhere where Paul and Stephanie only had Tasha for a very short period before some “skin of evil” takes her life…fortunately for us we live in the universe where Tasha lived a good long time.


3 Responses to Tasha

  1. Dave says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Tasha. I’m also pretty sure you heard about our cat Mipsie when you were here recently. It’s been very strange to be in the house, without her.In other news, I’m bummed I missed your visit!

  2. DavidK says:

    Sorry to hear, Paul. I had a cat I grew up with (we got her when she was about 4 weeks old when I was 7 and she died when I was a junior in college), and I still miss her to this day. Best wishes.

  3. marie says:

    I am sad :-(I don’t think I can live in houses without kitties anymore.

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