250px-Enterprise_Forward.jpgnow I do feel like the years are passing by quickly….ew is celebrating 20 years since the debut of Start Trek: The Next Generation. Securely in my top five television shows of all time it took a full season before it got really going (as most shows do) but, as this list shows, it had some excellent sci-fi moments…The Measure of a Man is one of my favorites…a story right out of the Asimov playbook


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  1. Aaron Fuegi says:

    I was glad that they also recognized "The Inner Light" which I think is the best Star Trek episode of any series in its whole history. I just love that episode and think it was executed brilliantly. What I love even more about it is that the show itself seemed to recognize how exceptional it was and broke the usual pattern of a given episode having almost no effect on future episodes. The flute keeps reoccurring in various later episodes and the impact of this experience on Picard is not forgotten. Rightly, to me, the only episode, other than recognizing the show as a hole with the finale, to win the Hugo.

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