how much did you pay?

upontheladder.jpgI payed $4.00 for Radiohead’s new album In Rainbows. I had no particular reason for picking this number except that it is less than half of what I normally pay for a CD and since it is not CD-qualitry I figure I deserve a good discount. In addition I am still on the fence about this band…sometimes I really like them, in particular Kid A and Amnesiac…but other times I feel like they are way too over-praised for the music I hear. I really think don’t that I can rank OK Computer with some of the greatest albums of all time. I like it, but it probably wouldn’t crack my top 50, if I were to ever waste time to generate such a list. Back to the point of the posting – I am really impressed with their model-defying distribution and set-your-own pricing scheme. Similar to Prince’s last two CD’s  – one given away free at his concerts during the promotional tour for Musicology, and the next one given away free with a newspaper –  I imagine they have made the big record companies blush with embarrassment. Of course local bands at coffee houses all over the world have been asking for a "sliding scale" or "pay what you can" price for their wares for a long time, but for a band as big as Radiohead to do it certainly is remarkable.


One Response to how much did you pay?

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    I paid £1.50 (a little over $3), but then it added a £0.45 credit charge! That’s kind of annoying, but I was too lazy to go back and deduct that from my price. So, I paid more like $4.

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