led+zep.jpgIn case you are not connected to the rock dinosaur circuit, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham (John’s son) got together as Led Zeppelin and played a one-off gig in London last week. It was a benefit concert in memory of Ahmet Ertegün, co-founder and executive of Atlantic Records. I found, and am still finding, the buzz around this show to be unbelievable. Some fans payed over $100,000 for a ticket to get in. Rumors have been flying about a Bonnaroo appearance next year and an "in residency" at MSG…all unlikely and unfounded especially since Robert Plant will be touring with Allison Kraus next year in support of their duet released last month. The most amazing buzz to me has been around the stealth recording and sharing circuit where I hang out. I don’t have an account at the now closed-to-new-members Royal-Orleans.com, which is the trading site for live Led Zeppelin fans. But at dimeadozen.org and The Traders Den, the volume of traffic around this show has been truly unbelievable. At dimeadozen, the previous record-holder for the most downloaded show was a Beatles acoustic collection that had amassed 6,381 downloads in its 2+ year run. The first (and so far only) audience recording of the entire Led Zeppelin show to surface has 11,240 in less than one week! The Cream reunion shows only managed to top out at 4,600. The show itself is so-so, IMHO. The recording is in need of serious EQ and the band is not playing like they did back in the day. I don’t even think Page & Plant are playing as well as they did on their reunion tour 12 years ago. That being said, it is pretty cool that they played together again and the set list was very good. If you want a listen you can grab it at one of the aforementioned sites or you can get a 320kHz mp3 here . Lastly, John Paul Jones appears to be aging well but Robert looks grandfatherly and Jimmy has stopped dying his hair and now looks pretty scary with a silvery-white mane. As I used to say back in the 70’s "Zeppelin Rules" 😉


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