one word list

I have over 16,000 songs in my mp3 library…today I typed a single word into the title search field of iTunes to see what kind of play list would come up…I decided to start simple…

Simple Love    Alison Krauss    A Hundred Miles Or More A Collection    
Simple Pleasures    Bobby McFerrin    Simple Pleasures    
Simple Human    Fates Warning    FWX    
Simple Man    Lynyrd Skynyrd    All Time Greatest Hits    
Simple    No-Man    Flowermouth        
Simple Kind Of Life    No Doubt    Return Of Saturn    



ok…now something a little more deep…

Buried Deep Stays Buried Still    Buckethead    Deli Creeps – Dawn of the Deli Creeps   
Deep Frieze    Chris Letcher    SXSW 2007 Showcasing Artists   
Deep Elem Blues    Crosby-Garcia-Hart-Lesh     2.15.70   
The Same Deep Water As You    The Cure    Disintegration   
Neck-Deep in the Harrow …    David Torn    Prezens   
River Wide Ocean Deep    Fates Warning    FWX   
Sadness Runs Deep    Hawkwind    Electric Teepee   
Run Silent Run Deep    Iron Maiden    No Prayer For The Dying   
Deep Inside    KoRn    Take a look in the mirror   
Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean    Nightwish    Oceanborn   
Deep Silent Complete    Nightwish    Wishmaster   
Even Deeper    Nine Inch Nails    The Fragile (left)   
Deep    Pearl Jam    Ten   
Deep in the Sweet Water (Joseph Bishara Remix)    Rasputina    My Fever Broke   
Dense Water Deeper Down    Sinead O’Connor    She Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty   
Sunbeam (Deepsky’s Desert Sunset Mix)    Submarine    Skin Diving   
Pretty Deep    Tanya Donelly    Lovesongs For Underdogs   
Down Deeper Into The Well    Think Tree    Like The Idea   
Bury Me Deep – Poi Dog Pondering    Various Artists    Theodore: An Alternative Music Sampler   
Deeper The Love    Whitesnake    Slip Of The Tongue   
In the Presence Of (I. Deeper – II. Death of Ego – III. True Beginner – IV. Turn Around and Remembe    Yes    In a Word (1969 – ) (Disc 5)   
In The Presence Of – I) Deeper, II) Death Of Ego, III) True Beginner, Iv) Turn Around And Remember    Yes    Magnification   



One Response to one word list

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    What, no "River Deep Mountain High"? I have great versions by Deep Purple and Those Peabodys.

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