51UQA3RJNiL._AA240_.jpgStephanie and I share a single Netflix queue…I know you can have multiple queues on the same account, but we don’t. This week her latest choice arrived and it was a wonderful recent indie DVD release called Once. I really liked this film. It had a great story of a down-and-out street musician in Ireland longing for his lost love, finding his muse, and…no spoilage here but needless to say it is a very nice story. The thing that works so well for this movie is that it is very understated (a great contrast from my last pick, 300.) It was filmed on a very limted budget (I wish I was an investor on this one) and paraphrasing the director from the short "making-of" extra, for this film it was better to find good musicians that might be able to act than vice-versa. We both thought of the Hugh Grant / Drew Barrymore film Music and Lyrics where they took the opposite approach and the result was a "Lifetime movie". Once is told mostly through all original, (somewhat overly) emotional songs and a lot of single camera extended shots. This plus the great cast of very natural extras makes for another indie movie that really works for me. I am looking forward to getting the soundtrack to this one.


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