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nwwlist.jpgThrough the wonders of the internet, last year I stumbled onto the WFMU beware of the blog site. This is a serious music blog with links and uploads for some of the most bizarre music-related things you will ever hear. It was there that I first saw reference to Nurse With Wound and the appropriately titled Nurse With Wound List. NWW, formed in 1978, is the musical recording outlet for Steven Stapelton, a sound artist with widely varied interests in art and music. NWW music is very avant-garde. A lot of looping and sound samples making some very interesting, if not difficult listening. The NWW List was originally published in the liner notes of the first NWW album but it quickly became the source for many bin divers around the world seeking to find the sources of inspiration that made NWW what they were. I have always thought that I listen to a wide variety of music and have been for a long time. I am not sure why I missed NWW for all these years. I guess it must have been just a hair below my weird music radar….and the music on the list seems to be in the same boat. While some of the artists I have known for a long time – King Crimson, Magma, Gong, Yoko Ono, Cabaret Voltaire, to name a few – most are totally new to me. This leads to my next and latest obsession. In the age of the internet one no longer has to dig in the dusty back-room bins of a used record store. One only needs to use tools like Amazon, iTunes, Isohunt and Google Blog search, to find many of these rare recordings digitized for one’s listening pleasure. In addition to the WFMU postings, a lot have shown up on the wonderful obscure music blog (that’s obscure music, not an obscure blog) mutant sounds…and thanks to the folks at Audion, there is a list of "key recordings" by artists on the list. My goal is to listen to as many of the items from the seminal list as I can find and, time permitting, report out my thoughts on these here. Now on to some music…

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