Agitation Free

b72fb340dca0c01ba7825010._AA240_.L.jpgFirst on the NWW list is the band Agitation Free and the Audion-recommended release is their debut from 1972, Malesch. The band is an experimental rock band from Germany that I knew nothing about and that falls into the family of music called Krautrock. This album is a mostly instrumental release with a few over-dubbed vocal bits. This is a classic psychedelic jam with a pretty standard rock lineup of two guitars, bass, drum, and keyboards. Like many good jam bands the music is carried by very solid bass playing throughout. The influences vary from Grateful Dead space to traditional middle-eastern sounds. The varying styles can be heard especially through some of the percussion from Christopher Franke who went on to more “famous” ventures including Tangerine Dream, penning the Babylon 5 soundtracks, and, in that wierd way the world works, penning the soundtrack for the film I watched on my iPhone this week, "What the Bleep Do You Know".  Some parts come off just like the instrumental jams the San Francisco bands were doing at that time, others sound like what has evolved into the post-rock of today. Good music and well worth the listen.

edit – as DavidK points out, Cristopher Franke left Agitation Free before the release of Malesch. The drumming heard on the album is from Burghard Rausch.

3 Responses to Agitation Free

  1. DavidK says:

    I’m pretty sure Franke had been gone a number of years before Malesch (I think he left in the late 60’s). Michael Hoenig’s solo and collaborations are generally very good as well. I haven’t heard the recent AF release, but the early ones are all good.

  2. zosa says:

    wikipedia agree with you…it looks like he left just before Malesch.

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