The next two NWW list items remind me a lot of the type of noise I was making in the late 70’s and early 80’s with my guitar and a little help from my friends.

one%2Bpoint1.jpgOne Point Music from Pekka Airaksinen is a lot of loopy (as in tape loops) weirdness that sounds a lot like the tape I made with my friends Bruce, Mike and Kaz at Mike’s house in Long Island. Back in 1981 we spent a weekend with a setup of two reel-to-reel tape decks in as close to what we could replicate Robert Fripp was doing in those days. While slightly mind-altered, we recorded me and Kaz playing the guitar while Mike fiddled with the patches and tape speeds. We fell quite a bit short of Frippertronics but we sure had fun making some really strange sounds. Someday I should take the cassette I have of that and make a digital archive. Pekka Airaksinen’s release sounds a lot like someone doing exactly the same sort of toying around. Probably ground-breaking for its time – certainly worth the mention by NWW for its influence, but hardly worth the listen today.

airway1.jpgThe second is Airway Live at Lace which sounds very much like the sort of long, mind-numbing guitar, bass and drum banging / feedback we used to do in the Sciscenti basement with Bruce on drums, John F on bass and me and Mark S on guitar. Again this was probably very edgy back in the early 70’s but by the late 70’s my friends and I were doing it as a routine. My understanding from Wikipedia is that during this apparently seminal performance Airway were playing a variety of subliminal messages beneath the wall of sound. Somehow the art in this one is lost on me.

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