I have two of my friends to thank for some recent hours solving some serious puzzles.

Fisrt I want to thank DougO for sharing with me that the Atlantic Monthly has published all of their cryptic crosswords for free online. I started with the most recent one and am working my way back wards in time. These are great for riding the bus and subway as the single sheet is quite compact. I am particularly happy in that as of today I have completely solved (without cheating) two out of the first six I tried.

Secondly, against my better judgment, I am following Aaron’s lead and dipping my toe into projecteuler.net. I am in way over my head with most of these but I’ve got the first two with some very simple spreadsheet filling. In doing these, I also created a rather fun (for me) interactive Sieve of Eratosthenes spreadsheet. Unfortunately MOD(600851475143, n) is beyond the capability of my spreadsheet. It looks like I need to shake off some cobwebs and do some coding for number 3.

One Response to puzzling

  1. DavidK says:

    No, what you should do is learn Lisp, so you have infinite precision integers (well, limited by the amount of virtual memory on your computer anyway). 🙂

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