idol superstar

I have purposefully managed to stay away from any artists or performances presented on American Idol…until the other night. My older son has discovered this show through his friends and insisted on watching it (I wanted the Red Sox game). I learned that the show occasionally features a guest artist who becomes part of the theme for number for shows. In this case it was Andrew Lloyd Webber. Knowing that there were going to be a number of torturous Phantom of the Opera tunes sung, I left the room. I came back a little later to see Mr. Lloyd Webber conversing with a contestant, Carly Smithson. He convinced her to sing Superstar from Jesus Christ Superstar. I have to admit it was pretty good – shortened quite  a bit for American TV viewers attention spans, but still pretty good.  Of course, JCS is one of my favorite pieces of music ever so she would have had to completely butcher it to make me not like it. I still don’t like American Idol and I will not watch it again unless forced to…unless the guest artist is Christian Vander and they contestants have to sing their pieces in Kobaïan….but a good JCS rendition is not something to pass up…some favorites:

The Original

Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection

Gethsemane, Vanden Plas from Christ 0

Heaven on Their Minds, Queensrÿche from Take Cover

2 Responses to idol superstar

  1. Aaron says:

    And she got the boot for doing it. I this season for the first time have been watching some of Idol at super-TiVo speed but this week skipped them for the NBA playoffs. Smithson was my favorite and I am annoyed she got booted after what apparently was a very good performance while one of the other contestants, Brooke White, had a terrible performance and wasn’t even in the bottom group.

  2. Doug Orleans says:

    I love Acid King’s "39 Lashes" and Afghan Whigs’ "The Temple".

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