pic213590_t.jpgThe other day my older son came home with some homework that involved doing some history research. He had to look up some information online on Hannibal’s famous war-elephant march on the Roman Empire. Being the good father that I am I mentioned to him that there is a very highly rated game that acts out some of the history around the Second Punic War. This, of course, was a great “reason” for me to finally invest in the new reprint of that game, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. I’ve actuially never played it but I’ve  now walked through almost all the rules and am ready to go through some of it with him. He seems mildly interested but, even though he is an avid Magic: the Gathering player, heavy rule sets tend to intimidate him. Of course I would love the opportunity to play with some of the real experts out there that I know occasionally read this blog.

One Response to hannibal

  1. Aaron says:

    Yeah, I’d happily play either on a Tuesday or set up another time. I love Hannibal and don’t get to play it nearly as much as I would like to any more. Ever since WBC moved it to the pre-con (a few days of gaming before the main event) I no longer play it there as haven’t been up for being there for the extra few days.

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