Aksak Maboul

cra002cm.gifBack to the list….I gave a number of listens Aksak Maboul "Un Peu De L’ame Des Bandits". I’m not quite sure what to make of it other than I like the music overall. The opening piece has a bit too much Yoko-like vocalization for me but after that the grooves groove and the jams jam. The Beligan band provides a multi-instrumental aspect that goes over real well, with the bowed string, reeds and accordion giving an overall cabaret-like feel while the standard rock form of guitar, keyboards, bass and drum give the music its jam-band feel. Wikipedia notes that the more pure avant-garde portions delve into the almost post rock and almost ambient feel and I tend to agree. Well worth the listen.


3 Responses to Aksak Maboul

  1. frbrain says:

    funny how "yoko-like" is now a universal description understood by all mankind in all languages……

  2. Doug Orleans says:

    Are you buying everything on the list? Or just finding stuff to download somewhere?

  3. zosa says:

    I’m buying some but mostly finding it for DL…trying to stay legal since a lot of it is way out of print or only on vinyl

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