guitar circle

After attending the MIT forum last night the stars all finally aligned properly and I had an opportunity to see and hear my friend DavidK‘s Guitar Circle New England. They were the live music at the Thirsty Ear on the MIT campus and since I was already there I had no excuses. The music was really nice. The five-piece band consists of all hollow-body, 6-string, steel-string guitars and the players follow the methodology of Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft using New Standard Tuning. This makes for wonderful arrangements with relatively wide dynamic range for guitar-only pieces. I particularly liked the arrangements of traditional “Morning Has Broken” that used some of the guitar melodies found in Cat Stevens’ famous version and the slow melodious “Love Is Green” from Jeff Beck’s seminal Wired album. I don’t know any of the other pieces played but they ranged from contemporary classical to traditional classical to some serious King Crimson/ Robert Fripp sounding material. If you are a fan of guitar music and have never heard a Guitar Craft group play then definitely seek out Guitar Circle New England.

One Response to guitar circle

  1. DavidK says:

    Thanks for coming and for your write-up!

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